Summer Bucket List Ideas for 2019

Summer Bucket List Ideas for 2019

June 10, 2019 2 Comments

As the days grow longer and the nights begin to shorten, it is clear that summer is finally here! Despite the beautiful weather, it can be all too easy to get caught up in daily life and forget to take the time to fully appreciate it. Rather than letting summer slip away, grab a calendar and set aside designated times to enjoy the season.

Below is a list of ideas for how to harness your free time and enjoy it to the fullest. Let’s make the most of the moments that we have now.


Summer Bucket List Ideas for 2019

1. See Live Music 

Take a break from your headphones and listen to some live music this summer. Whether it is your favorite artist or a free local show, the fresh air and energy of the audience may be just what you need.

Summer Bucket List Ideas for 2019


2. Try a New Water Sport

Rent a Canoe, Kayak, or Stand-Up Paddle Board. With the water beneath you and the sun above, these are great ways to spend your time both exercising and enjoying your surroundings.


3. Attend a Baseball Game

Instead of watching sports on television, head over to a local baseball game! Enjoy some time with your friends or family while rooting for your favorite team.


4. Have a Bonfire

Invite friends over for a bonfire under the stars. Share stories and roast s’mores while enjoying the ambiance of the fire.

Summer Bucket List Ideas for 2019


5. Take a Hike

Spend some time surrounded by nature. Travel along a path at a local forest preserve or visit the closest state park.


6. Pick Berries

Want to indulge in fresh fruit picked straight from the vine? Visit a berry-picking farm! Gathering these antioxidant-dense fruits will support not only local farms but also your health and immunity.


7. Have a Picnic

Pack your favorite foods and drinks into a basket and head out to enjoy a meal as well as the weather. Have a picnic at an outdoor movie, a concert, a local park, or even just in your backyard!


8. Enjoy a Sunset Bike Ride

Biking is a wonderful form of exercise. Take the ride when you can enjoy the bold and brilliant colors of the fleeting sunset before it slips beneath the horizon.

Summer Bucket List Ideas for 2019


9. Go Somewhere New

Adventure to somewhere you have never been. This can be as simple as visiting a nearby town or even exploring a park in your area. You never know what hidden treasures you may find!


10. Practice Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation helps to decrease stress and increase both relaxation and concentration. Take some time to practice this skill so that you may utilize it once summer is over. As the winter months, approach and the pace of life seems to increase, you will be able to adequately manage your stress and maintain a clear mind.


11. Pay it Forward 

The next time you find yourself in line for frozen yogurt or maybe coffee, take a minute to pay the tab of the customer behind you. Through this action, you may spark happiness within not just the person that you served, but it may also create a wave of kindness that continues.


12. Read a Book

Books introduce new ideas and stimulate the imagination. They are travel devices designed to transport you to any given time or universe. Grab one and allow yourself to be enveloped by the story.

Summer Bucket List Ideas for 2019


13. Go Slip ‘N Sliding

You may not have done this in years, but give it another go! Channel your inner child. Often we chain ourselves down to a boring routine or trap ourselves with jobs or people that we dread. Step away from this mindset by setting a time to channel your playful side. Rediscover what you truly enjoy.


 14. Work on a Puzzle

Not every summer day will be warm and sunny. If it’s a rainy day grab a friend, a cup of tea and a good puzzle. This is a perfect way to challenge your brain and help you focus on the present moment.


15. Spend a Day Without Using a Computer, TV, or Phone

When was the last time you went a full 24 hours without your phone? Try to go a full day without these devices and find something else to focus on such as reading or meeting up with friends. This may feel strange at first but in the future you may begin to crave these quiet, peaceful moments.


16. Volunteer

Find a cause that you are passionate about and donate your time to it. Whether you are giving blood, walking shelter dogs, or helping out at a local nature center you will be making your community a better place. Through volunteering, you can change the lives of other people, which in turn may change your life as well.

Summer Bucket List Ideas for 2019


17. Exercise Outdoors

Take your workout routine outside! You could sign up for an outdoor class. This is perfect for learning new exercises as well as meeting new people. If you practice yoga, bring your mat outside and practice there. Invite a friend to go for a walk or run with you and enjoy the fresh air.


18. Stargaze

Spend a clear summer night looking up at the stars. Rooftops and docks are ideal locations to look up from yet this can be done anywhere. You can use this setting to help you view your problems from a new perspective, or just allow the tranquil atmosphere to quiet your mind.


19. Stand Under a Waterfall

Nothing feels more relieving than cool water on a hot day. Take a hike to a waterfall and allow yourself to stand under it and feel exhilarated. In Shinto, a traditional religion of Japan, this practice represents purification.


20. Start a Herb Garden

Growing your own herbs is not only cheaper but also healthier for both your body and the earth. With this garden, you will be able to pick the herbs just minutes before they are added to a meal. This is a great way to increase healthy nutrients.  

Summer Bucket List Ideas for 2019




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