how to stay organized

EP 3: How To Stay Organized

April 19, 2019 1 Comment


Show Notes

For those that are new to the podcast, welcome, we are two ICU nurses here to educate you on topics ranging from mindfulness, wellness, and nursing. We not only talk about our careers as nurses but also our lives outside the field.

In today's episode will cover how to stay organized in nursing school.


  • Stethoscope, penlight, pen and binder for care plan and report sheet,
  • Required nursing books: Nursing Diagnosis, Nursing drug handbook, Lab value book (some nursing schools require). 


  • Highlighters (great for visual learners. Get organized by color coding things. You can memorize things by color that can help you on the exam. You study until your eyes bleed, might as well make it easier on yourself.
  • Invest in some sticky tabs for the books, like the nursing diagnosis book. Tab your books, like what chapters do you have to read vs. what chapters can you surface read. Sometimes you might take your book on the go somewhere, it'll be easier how you to pick up where you left off.
  • Figure out what kind of learner you are. Taking Notes on paper vs. Powerpoints. Personally, we learned better by writing down the information. 

 At home organization 

Buy yourself a white board and start learning to plan out your week. Rule of thumb for the whiteboard planner: If it's not there, It's not going to get done. Or purchase a regular planner and organize your dates. Sometimes during the beginning of the semester, I'll take the syllabus and write down all the important project/test dates. Google calendar is also amazing to stay on track of things. 

 how to stay organized

Staying Organized on the job

  • Plan out your day, the more experienced the better feel for how you like your day to go. Know the plan of care. Procedures, scans coming up?
  • After getting report, look up a few notes to get the big picture of what’s going on, look at orders, on how to plan your shift.
  • Look through the Medication Administration Record (MAR) to plan your medication or if anything is due during the start of your shift.
  • Check all your pumps/lines and order anything just to make sure your drips don't run out. 
  • Then go do my assessments try to finish little after 8 so you have time to start charting.
  • The perfect scenario Is to do my assessments (In the ICU) chart for my 8 o'clock, sepsis screen, and start medication. 

Report sheet 

We all know that giving a proper report is crucial in nursing. Do it right! Having a proper report sheet is also crucial is making your shift easier, especially in case of emergencies you can look notes up quickly. how to give a proper report:

Basic info (name, age, sex, allergies)  physicians on the case

Date of admission, what happened, or events that led them to the current date, important dates with events like dialysis on this day, or thoracentesis, bronch, RRT dates and what happened. Head to toe assessment Neuro, res, cardiac, GI, Renal, Skin Accuchecks, Diet/tube feeds, Lines (peripherals expired), Labs, Family info like POA, Gossip.

Staying organized outside of work

Plan your days in advance if possible. We like to use apple notes or reminders to keep track of tasks and things to do. Set random alarms for the little things that you think you will forget. I have apple notes with a checklist, like a to-do list, or what groceries I need to buy. I also use it to keep track of my workout progress.

apple note ideas


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