10 Habits to Make You More Successful

10 Habits to Make You More Successful

May 26, 2017

Based on personal experience, these are ten useful habits to incorporate into your life to bring on more success. I understand life is busy, this is by no means is a guideline, protocol, or college textbook. This post is merely something to think about and digest.


  1. Look something up. I’m not saying do molecular research. Simply, google something. A word, a recipe, future vacation spots, it doesn't matter what it is, just look it up. Why? Because you'll learn something. Pyramids were built one stone at a time. Your knowledge will be developed one word at a time.
  2. Make eye contact and say “Hello.” Seems simple? OK, good, now do it. Eye contact makes you look engaged and confident. Saying “hello” makes you friendly and social. Not only will it make someone feel appreciated but it can also help you meet a friend or engage a simple conversation.
  3. Be active, be healthy. Yes, yes life is busy. How will you ever find time or money to be fit or eat healthily? Can't go to the gym? Go outside, don't go for a walk, go for a run. Don't buy a frozen pizza, buy some Greek yogurt and fruit. If you don't have time every day, that's OK. How about a few times a week, or a month? Everyone starts somewhere.
  4. Go out in a group. Everyone always says the best way to get to know someone is to spend time with them. You can meet multiple people this way. You can expand your social and peer group. Going out in a group can also help you find out a lot about yourself and the individuals around you.
  5. Try something new. This goes along with the first point “looking Something Up.” Maybe you looked up an original recipe. Now, how about you do something with it? Perhaps you looked into ways to invest money. Great, now start putting some aside and make it happen. 
  6. Be optimistic. As bad as the weather can get and as rough as life can be, there will be another day. Can't have good days without bad ones, right? If you always have good days, please share your secrets with the rest of society on how you accomplished this. Otherwise, take what you can get out of every situation.
  7. Relax, find time for yourself. Times can get tough and stressful. Always try and find time for yourself. Take a bath, maybe all you need is a longer shower. It is entirely okay to set time aside for yourself. Meditation is getting popular, try it for a few minutes, plus you can knock off a few things from this list.
  8. Dress up. Maybe not for all of you, but in my career I wear scrubs so dressing up is not something I do on a daily basis. If you don't usually dress up, try it. It can quickly boost your confidence and put some pep in your step. Plus, who doesn't enjoy looking in the mirror and saying “Damn, I look good.”
  9. Be in the moment. As hard as this sounds and as much as you heard about what I’m going to tell you, just try it. If you're at work, try not to think about what you could be doing or what you have to do at home. Likewise, try not to have work be the central concept in your mind when you're out and about. Certain situations are unavoidable; those are the exceptions, not excuses.
  10. Goals.Goals.Goals. Think about where you are and where your next step will be. Don't be stagnant, keep achieving, keep believing. Start small and aim big. With disappointment will come excitement to try again, with today's failure will come future success.


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