Go Full Out

Go Full Out

April 20, 2018

As complex individuals, our minds are continually swirling with ideas about the future, change, and success in life. Our potential is vast, yet we end up getting stuck doing the same repetitive actions day in, day out, without realizing that the years are passing us by and our flame is slowly fading. The golden years waste away into reflections of what might have been.

This is why going full out is so beneficial and important.

If you don’t build your own dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs. 


This is a great quote by Tony Gaskins that fits with the topic of going full out. If you want to accomplish your dreams or goals, you have to navigate towards them at all times. Minimize distractions. More time spent on the task at hand leads to progress. The last thing you want is to find out you're too late because you've put it off. If you don't accomplish your dreams, you'll just be a part of someone else's.

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You don’t have as much to lose as you think. Rational people always weigh the risks and benefits. Unfortunately, how many times have the benefits exceeded the risks, yet nothing was accomplished? To have a chance at attaining your goals and dreams, you have to put in the effort and start. Then you go full out the whole ride there. What’s the worst-case scenario? You just go back to where you started and try again.

Anything less than 100% is unacceptable. If you don’t go full out, then expect mediocre results or none at all. You should be the definition of greatness. Don’t half- commit to yourself. If you don’t go full out, how can you expect others to give you 100%? Push yourself, and take the success you want. Take an example from SpaceX: individuals imagine the moon, but they’re aiming for Mars.  

Set your goals high. How can you expect to exit your comfort zone if you continually set goals you know you can achieve? Setting goals that are 100 percent accomplishable are not goals – they are called tasks. Make the end goal hard and set the bar extremely high, so that when you do win, it’s worthwhile. When you lose, guess what? You might not have reached your objective, but I assure you-you'll be in a much better position than when you started. This is a great way to build confidence because it’s a win-win situation. You either reach your potential when you succeed, or you learn that you have it in you to try – and I mean, really try. Just that alone will make you consistently progress.

hustle, motivation, self improvement, work, passion

Summer is coming in Chicago, now is a good time to get your priorities together. It can be a physical, mental, or a financial goal, but let's be serious for a moment; you haven't hit all your milestones. Get motivated, let this post be the start to your end game.

A mindful Quote:

There is a saying that when you sit, sit. When you stand, stand. Whatever you do, don’t wobble. Once you make your choice, do it with all your spirit. Don’t be like the evangelist that thought about praying while making love to his wife and making love to his wife while praying. It’s better to make a mistake with the full force of your being than to carefully avoid mistakes with a trembling spirit. Responsibility means recognizing both pleasure and price, making a choice based on that recognition, and then living with that choice without concern.”

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