Mindful Attitude

Mindful Attitude

June 01, 2018

Mindfulness is focusing awareness on the present moment, acknowledging and accepting emotions and thoughts. It is about not judging the here and now but capturing yourself and the environment with all your senses, grounding yourself to the present moment.

Mindfulness is especially beneficial in disrupting our automatic reflexes and responses, including reactions such as the fight, flight, and freeze responses. This is great news because these responses are associated with fear, anxiety, and anger. With an increased practice of mindfulness and meditation, we can better inhibit those feelings and replace them with more positive vibes. Those negative emotions and thoughts are the vices of your mind. Wouldn't it be more beneficial to refocus yourself to feel more gratitude, authenticity, and cooperation? It is your job to cultivate your mind and harness its true potential.

With that thought in mind, there are ways to change your thinking and attitude no matter where you are in life. There is always room for improvement, so let’s start at the top. The attitudes we want to foster into habit directly link with mindfulness and are great ways to change those negative notions in your mind.

Why carry yourself with a head full of vices when you can walk the earth with the power of a mindful attitude?

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You don’t have to be a marine to have heard the phrase “improvise, adapt, and overcome. Being adaptable allows you the power to turn the tide in your favor. You’re ready for today because whatever happens now is going to be ok because either you change or you bring about change in something else or someone else. Things that cannot adapt will break. If you cannot adapt, you will not be able to live fulfilled.

Assertiveness and Authenticity

Be the double-A, assertive and authentic, but don’t be a jerk in the process. Do not be overconfident; this leads to living a bias lifestyle. Go after what you want in the world and let the world hear you full force. Being confident will put you in a new bracket mentally and showing it will put you in a new light with society. It will help you pursue more of your passion because that is what you want and it will be what you will do. Authenticity allows you to be true to yourself, including your flaws. We are great at showing what we are good at, just look at someones instagram. But show someone their flaw and they put a mask on to try and fool you. I'm horrible at many things and I am ok with them. I'm horrible at art and drawing, so I allow my ideas flow and let others paint the picture. Stay true to your feelings and thoughts and the world will stay true to you.

Kindness and Empathy

There is strength in numbers, and there is power with kindness. Do things that will make someone as happy as you are. A simple smile can go miles. Think about it. You smile to everyone you meet and they happen to smile at someone else. Your smile can go to another city, another country; it can really travel the world. People see the benefit of one good deed but fail to picture the chain reaction it can cause. That is why kindness is a superpower because one good deed can turn to thousands. Just do one good thing, but if you want probability on your side, the more times you do it, the more likely it will go unnoticed. Understand that just like the sun doesn’t orbit the earth, not everything revolves around you. We come from different backgrounds, have different experiences, and are in distinct situations. Don’t just judge; try to relate and understand. You cannot understand an individual without having empathy; empathy fosters connection. We cannot go through our whole life alone; we need to connect with others. Put yourself in someone else's shoes; everyone has something to teach, but are you willing to listen?


Patience is a virtue. “You have the patience of a saint.” We’ve all heard those phrases. This is a hard act to perfect. Have you ever been to the store with 3 items and had to wait in line for 30 minutes? Doesn’t that just test your patience? We all get frustrated when our time is wasted, but doesn’t the irrelevance of the event make your day take a nosedive? Let this time in line allow you to just stop, relax and think for a minute. If you haven’t had a break all day, then just relax. Don’t get frustrated. Be aware when negativity creeps in. Refocus on something else and push it away. Patience allows you to be a better human being; it allows you to see the whole situation from different perspectives. It gives you time to think.

Try to incorporate these virtues into your mindful life. You can start by thinking of your own meanings and how you’ve been using the attitudes. Read over the words and see how they make you feel, what emotions do they bring up, what thoughts, and what experiences. Go out and try what you have learned and see what they do to your mind and body.

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