What Is Intuition And 5 Ways To Tap Into It

What Is Intuition And 5 Ways To Tap Into It

July 15, 2019

Call it intuition, instinct, or a gut feeling: if we followed it, we just might be a lot happier. Intuition is a skill we are all born with, but one we submerge in the business of modern living.   

Your intuition is powerful. It’s more than just a feeling you get in your stomach. If we listen to our intuition, we can feel a certain push towards a specific path to take or heed that pit in your stomach telling you that something is not quite right. This feeling we possess is our ability to know things without conscious reasoning. It is a "sixth sense" that knows the best path for you in any situation or choice.

Unfortunately, only a few people know how to take advantage of their intuition. Why is that? Well, that feeling is very important but it also speaks in a quiet voice. It does not push for attention, which is why it is often overlooked.

If you’re working in the medical field as a nurse, you can often spot trouble before it happens by using intuition. The patient's blood work and vital signs may look normal but you sense something is different. You tell your colleague, “I don’t like the look of that patient.” Shortly afterwards, the patient goes into cardiac arrest. It’s a super-impressive skill, and when I was just beginning my career the senior nurses would tell me to “go with your gut feeling.”

Your goal should be to learn how to listen to your intuition and tap into it in the present moment. You need to get out of your head and listen to your body, gut, and what your senses are telling you. Once you listen to your body, then you will truly be following your intuition. This is why meditation is important: it helps to silence a mind full of racing thoughts.         

The Sixth Sense

What Is Intuition And 5 Ways To Tap Into It

If you’re living primarily through only your five senses, you will see the world through your ego. Someone who views the world this way will always be comparing themselves to others, as in “you versus me”. The ego compares, and you primarily live with a sense of fear and worry about pleasing other people around you. Those that solely utilize their five senses find it hard to live authentically, and often feel isolated and disconnected.

Many people claim to be intuitive, but how do you determine if you actually are intuitive? Sixth- sense humans are people who have tapped into that beautiful gift – they understand that they’re more than an ego. These people have opened themselves up to an entirely new world of awareness and creativity. The sixth sense is a delicate search through one's ocean of unconsciousness to find the right answer in moments of need. These people are connected to others and to the world in a physical and spiritual way.   

Defining features

What Is Intuition And 5 Ways To Tap Into It

Your goal should be to become a sixth-sense person, so you can enjoy the perks that come with being more in tune with life. These are the general characteristics of people with a sense of intuition. They

  • Listen to their inner voice
  • Are highly creative
  • Are less fearful and stressed
  • Are highly observant and analytical
  • Have a light heart

How To Become More Intuitive

What Is Intuition And 5 Ways To Tap Into It

Intuition can be cultivated. Try using some of the following tips to tune into your sixth sense and let your inner voice speak.

  1. Meditation - Meditation is a powerful tool to build your intuition. Meditation will help you dig through your noisy mind, the one that is constantly cluttered with fear, thoughts, self-interests, bodily tensions, and material attachments. Passing through these barriers will help you to tap into the subconscious mind and unlock the superpower of the intuition.
  1. Find solitude - Spend 30 minutes each day alone. Listen to yourself. Take this time to let your thoughts flow. Maybe you’d like to journal during this time. Write down your thoughts and feelings. This helps the unconscious mind to open up and help you get in touch with who you really are, and not what the world wants you to be.
  1. Get Creative - Start doing activities that silence the cognitive mind and allow your intuition to come out and play. Drawing, journaling, photography, scrapbooking, etc.
  1. Pay attention to dreams - When you’re sleeping, your cognitive mind is at rest, allowing the subconscious mind to signal you in dreams. Our dreams can be deeply powerful intuitive messengers that hold keys and clues to our deepest selves.
  1. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes - To build intuition in environments or relationships, let go of judgment and practice putting yourself in someone else’s situation. You will gain the ability to feel what someone else is thinking or experiencing. Once your intuition strengthens in this area, finding a business partner or picking a group of friends will produce more positive outcomes.


“Intellect is always right, but intuition is rarely wrong.”


These five exercises will help you to create a new, deeper bond with yourself and help refine that inner voice we all have. You will not only make better rational decisions; you’ll also start vibrating at a higher level and performing better in your daily life. This vibrating energy will make you a more magnetic individual and attract more positive people, situations and opportunities that might never have come your way before. It’s similar to the belief in the “law of attraction”: when you put positivity out into the universe, positive things come your way.

Your intuition knows what's right. It knows how to point you in the right direction. All you need to do is to learn how to listen to it. Do you have any advice on how to tap into your intuition? We’d love to hear how you do it in the comments section!

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