Make 2020 All About You

Make 2020 All About You

January 13, 2020

There’s no better time of the year to kick off wellness than the New Year!

For many December felt like a marathon month. December was spent cramming for finals, hustling to holiday parties, and hurrying to get last-minute shopping complete. We really needed January 1st to arrive. It’s the time of year to challenge ourselves and change habits that we aren’t too happy about.

What will you change to become a better version of yourself?

new years resolution

Anyone who has ever committed to getting healthy knows the secret recipe when it comes to success: having a plan.

Start thinking about your goals for 2020 if you haven’t already.

Remember: Your success in 2020 is ultimately up to you, your attitude, how you think, and how you plan!

Tips for wellness in 2020:

Prioritize your well-being:

Wellness is crucial to developing high levels of energy to pursue the things you desire. The key is to have meaning and a sense of direction in life; this will fuel your 2020 to have the energy to excel at work, school, close personal relationships, and self-development.

Try to Meditate:

We have busy schedules, continually checking social media, financial stress, and health problems. The mind has never been this cluttered before as it is now! Take back your inner peace! Calm the mind. Keep it simple at first; devote 5-10 minutes of your day to calming the mind through meditation or self-reflection. It’s as simple as calm, focused, deep breathing.  Research has shown that quieting the mind has tremendous benefits such as:

  •         Lower Stress Levels
  •         Increase memory
  •         Reduce blood pressure
  •         Improve sleep


Sleep is probably the most important thing we can do for our health. Simple, free, and yet so underrated. Lack of sleep has been associated with higher stress levels, obesity, mental problems, and blood sugar imbalances. Your body can only go 11 days without sleep. You need sleep. Try incorporating napping in your routine.


Stretching can improve your quality of life. Stretching keeps the muscles strong, flexible and prevents injury. Ever wonder why your lower back is so stiff? Well, maybe it’s your desk job that stiffens the hamstrings causing your lower back to tense up. Get into the routine to incorporate stretching into your daily life.

Develop yourself:

Work on developing yourself more in 2020. Read more books and work on simple habits you’d like to change. Becoming better is not always losing weight to fit into that one sexy dress. Books are fuel-ready to ignite your wisdom. Try working on yourself, but rather within. There are many reasons why the most successful people read daily. Take for example Bill gates. Gates read about 50 books per year.

Practice Gratitude:

We fall prey to the mindset of: I only wish if I had this… I’d be happy. Don’t make material things be the center of your happiness. Have a positive outlook on things, being grateful is one trait that can work to improve your wellness. How do you practice gratitude? Simply wake up in the morning and just be thankful for what life has granted you. Don’t compare yourself to others but appreciate all the things you have going for yourself.

Practicing gratitude is like a muscle, work on it often and start small. First learn to appreciate the things you have going for yourself like your health, your friends or family, if this is too complex begin with even smaller things like the fact you have a warm bed to sleep in or a roof over your head. After this, you can go on to be grateful for more significant things like your freedom of speech or the ability to travel.

Closing thoughts:

Journey into 2020, telling yourself; this is the year you become healthier and happier. Remember it’s a journey and not a simple task to accomplish your goals. Make small achievable milestones every day to accomplish the goal of superior wellness. Subscribe to receive weekly posts to better your journey into 2020.

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