Most Dangerous Effects of Night-Time Phone Use

Most Dangerous Effects of Night-Time Phone Use

February 22, 2019

Cell phones and TV shows have become important parts of our daily lives. We spend most of our day looking at the bright screens of cell phones. We understand that you have a lot of stuff to deal with but are you using phones before going to bed too? If you use your phone in your bed then you are really doing the injustice with your peaceful sleep.

Effects of Screen of Sleep Cycle

You need to get rid of this bad habit right now. It can cause sleeplessness and the user may suffer from various health issues too. It is not just about using cell phones but using a laptop or watching movies is equally disturbing for your sleep.

If you are not ready to quit this habit then stay with us. Let’s have a look at some of the most dangerous effects of phones and screens on your sleep.

Difficulty to Fall Asleep

Bright screens like the EBook readers and cell phones can disturb the sleep routine. People, who read online books or use cell phones and Netflix, tend to suffer from difficulties while falling asleep. You should go to bed when you are ready to sleep but if you still want to read a book, you can go for a real printed book. Reading hard copy is way better than these EBooks.

Disturb the Sleeping Cycle

Melatonin is a hormone in the human body that is responsible for controlling the sleeping cycles of the human body. When we use too much mobile phone before going to bed, the blue light can mess up the normal hormone production.

These mobile phones can lead to sleepless nights and fatigue is going to disturb your daily routine too. Believe me, using a mobile phone before going to bed can lead to cancer and weight gain too.

Distracted Thoughts

Phones, screens and Netflix series can really mess up your productivity and thinking approach. Studies have proved that people who go to bed early and don’t use mobile phones in bed, tend to enjoy a more peaceful sleep. They also perform better in social and work life. To improve your productivity and thinking capacity, get a sound sleep at night.

Damage to Eyes

Human eyes are really sensitive so you need to make sure that you take good care of this blessing. The rays and lights emitted by cell phones can really affect the human eyes. It can lead to unclear vision in daily life. Screens emit blue light. Researchers at the University of Toledo discovered that blue light can potentially lead to macular degeneration. When you look at a screen for long periods of time it causes your eyes to strain because they are always focused. It is a good idea to look away or close your eyes for 30 min.

Final Words

All of the above-mentioned points indicate that using mobile phones or looking at any kind of screen can lead to many health and sleep issues. You had the whole day to look at these screens. Now, if you are finally in bed, make sure that you enjoy good sleep instead of looking on Facebook posts and office files.

Avoid using mobile phones in bed as you may not even realize the damage at the start. But in long run, these mobile phones can really damage your eyes and sleep routine.

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