Save Money On Your Coffee Habit

Save Money On Your Coffee Habit

April 03, 2019

Coffee is a glorious but expensive habit

particularly if you enjoy it on-the-go

It may not seem like a lot

A few dollars a day adds up

I don't know about you, but I'm a habitual coffee drinker. Typically I drink a cup a day and on work days, two cups. As I'm typing this, I'm reaching over to experience the rich aroma of coffee. I generally use credit cards as a source of payment, and I've lost track of my spendings on this pleasing habit.

So I decided to crunch some numbers to see how much I'd save brewing my own cup of deliciousness. Generally, I purchase Dunkin Donuts four times a week at an average $2.50 per cup.

What I bought instead was whole-bean coffee for $6. The reason why I prefer whole-bean is that it maintains flavor longer.

 Starbucks french roast

The Method: The Math

Dunkin Donuts = $2.50 X 4 days a week = $10 which is $40 a month.
Starbucks Whole-bean = $6 for 12 ounces
1 ounce grounded makes 4 cups
For me, 1 cup has 2 tbsp of ground coffee
12x4= 48 cups of coffee per package
48 cups/$6 = 12.5 cents per cup

The comparison
One cup is 12.5 cents compared to $2.50
That's 50 cents compared to $10
A month: $2 vs $40

Depending on your cups per week you maybe saving a lot more!

I excluded the price of milk and other ingredients you'd add to make your homemade 

My method was using a french press to brew my fresh-grounded coffee.

Coffee french press


For the people with excuses. I understand buying coffee is a "convenience." Hey, there are insulated thermal containers that keep your brew hot for hours! Plus there isn't anything convenient waiting for a long drive through line.

The bottom line is SAVINGS. Making your own home-brewed cup is going to keep your pockets fuller and happier. It's a simple habit that can be changed that proves to be financially smart. I do have a confession. I still enjoy coffee at Starbucks just because their environment increases my productivity. Make Starbucks a treat not a habit.

Think of this as MAKING MONEY. You are making savvy financial lifestyle decisions leading to more wealth. Saving money is making money, right?

Small habits mean big money down the road.



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