Why Run?

Why Run?

February 23, 2018 2 Comments

We all know that running is great for you, but who enjoys doing it? We’re here to convince you to start running – and keep going. It’s not everyone’s favorite workout, but the benefits are undeniable. Running can help build a healthier body and give you a better outlook on life. Knowing what it can do for you might be the spark that gets you up and out the door.

You can do it anywhere

No need for weights or an expensive gym membership. You can run whenever and wherever. Go out and explore! Run around your neighborhood or your community. If you’re on vacation, get a feel for the city during your run, not to mention the scenery. You can even meet new people and form new relationships, just by running.

The Physical

Running has numerous health benefits. In fact, it’s good for every part of the human body, physically and mentally. The benefits of running include:

A more efficient cardiovascular system. Running even 10 to 15 minutes a day has a profound effect on your health. It makes your heart stronger and more efficient so that each beat delivers more blood to your organs.

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To add some science: Cardiac Output = Stroke Volume x Heart Rate. Cardiac output is the amount of blood pumped in 1 minute; stroke volume is the amount of blood per pump, and heart rate is the number of times your heart pumps in one minute. According to the American Council of Exercise¹, increased ventricle size, decreased heart rate, and increased stroke volume are positive adaptations to exercise.

Better joint health. It was once thought that running could increase the risk of osteoarthritis. In fact, running helps your bones become more resilient and stronger². It increases bone density by migrating osteoblasts – cells that help form bone – to the surface of the bone. This way, your bones can take on more stress during physical activity.   

Weight loss. According to Livestrong, the average person can burn 100 - 150 calories per mile. weight loss, fitness, workout, health, skinny, yoga, gymYou even burn calories after you stop running because your heart rate remains elevated for a short time. The after-burn is real: one study³ showed you could burn calories up to 14 hours after a workout!

All-around exercise. Running works your core and legs at the same time. It works your hip and abdominal muscles and promotes abdominal tone and spinal stabilization (posture). Running is a complete workout for the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves. You’ll be turning heads before you know it!

The Mental

What’s the point of looking good if you don’t feel right? Running doesn’t only benefit you physically, but mentally as well! Here’s how it helps:

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Increased confidence and self-esteem. You’ll look better and feel better. You’ll even notice people acknowledging it. What’s more, when you run, you know that you’re achieving your goal to become a healthier you – and that alone makes you feel great! Knowing you can succeed at improving your health allows you to tackle any challenges life puts in your way.  

Runners high. It’s no myth. Running triggers endorphins and endocannabinoids, the feel-good chemicals in your brain. Running alters your brain chemistry to make you feel happier, naturally. This feeling lasts after the run as well., It works overtime to improve your overall mood. For more info, check out Runner’s World magazine.

Gives you time to meditate and reduce stress. There are many ways to meditate – and running can be yours. Running allows you to clear your mind and calm your thoughts. Having a rough day? Going for a run can help you think through a terrible situation. Sometimes you just need that 15 or 20 minutes to yourself. Why not get away from the everyday hassles for that brief time?       

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April 06, 2018

Great read Matt, as a running enthusiast I agree that running is very good for you and your health as well as your well-being. Looking forward for the next blog post! Keep up the good work.


March 06, 2018

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Great minds think alike ☺ i’d love to share some of your stuff !

Hope youre having a fantastic day


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