Mindful Manifesto

"To immerse the mind & body with adaptability and self-endowment"


We put the Science & Theory into your reality.

      Mindful Mindset has a simple goal, to make your life more fulfilling.

We take the mind and body approach to make society healthier, happier, and more present. Right here, right now!

We are the place for insight, perspective, and inspiration to achieve supreme satisfaction.

Matt Solarczyk


To achieve the greatest quality of life, these words are a constant reminder of something I strive for. After finishing my Bachelors of Nursing and starting my career, I felt a passion unveil. In 2017 I started a personal blog which I found tremendous gratification writing on mindfulness, wellness, and personal development. I've decided in 2018 to take the blog and create it into a meaningful brand. Mindful Mindset is filled with excellent articles to help you grow as an individual and achieve the greatest quality of life.

Peter Findura


Registered Nurse turned entrepreneur. I see great value in every human being. Sometimes we just need a little encouragement and optimism to achieve our potentials. That is the reason I co-founded Mindful Mindset. In my field we focus on treatment, this is my chance to instill prevention and help society grow on a mental and physical level. We write articles based on our experience to make it more applicable to your daily life. No matter what life you live there is always room for improvement.

Alek Zubek


Future PsyD, LCPC

A lover of all psychology and the beauty of the mind. I’ve been involved in counseling projects since middle school, conflict resolution and mental health are my passion. I’m a writer at heart but forced into the boring world of stats. By helping edit and write I get to follow my interest in literature and inspire others to take steps towards a better, brighter, and more powerful future.